Town Of Schroeppel

Receiver of Taxes- School

JoAnn Nazarian

69 County Route 57A
Phoenix NY 13135
Table Of Contents:
Schedule and Office Hours

School Taxes are collected September 1 - October 31


Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (Please note hours have changed from last year)


Fee schedule is September - no fee --   October - 2% fee

School Tax Information
This office collects PCSD school taxes for the Towns of Schroeppel, Granby, Hastings, Palermo & Volney.
What is the tax collection schedule?

School tax bills are sent to property owners upon receipt of the school tax warrent by the Receiver of Taxes. School taxes are collected from September 1 through October 31. Taxes paid after September 30 will incur a penalty. No taxes will be accepted in the Tax Receiver's office after October 31. Taxes to be paid after that date will be paid to the Oswego County Treasurer's Office, 46 East Bridge Street, Oswego NY 13126. Telephone number is (315) 349-8393 or 1-800-349-8392 for more information on paying the tax bill and for additional fees and penalties.

The school tax bill may not be paid by installment. The complete bill must be paid at the same time of remittance by the property owner.

Receipts are issued if the full bill is submitted with the payment or to the property owner if the parcel is paid by a mortgage company. Receipts are also available online at
Payments by mail
Payments are accepted as timely if the payment was postmarked by the United States Post Office on the last day that the payment is due. A postage meter postmark is not a postmark made by the US Post Office, and therefore, is not within the provision of Real Property Tax Law 925.
Cash or Check?
Tax bills can be paid either by cash or check. Payments are accepted at the window during normal business hours, by mail, or through the use of a secure and locked drop box located at the entrance and labeled the Tax Receiver
Tax bill information is available at Tax payments processed in this office are posted to the website on a daily basis. A copy of the tax bill from the internet is acceptable in this office for tax payment.
If you refinance, pay off your mortgage, or change your current mailing address, please notify this office or the Assessor's Office at 695-7065 x 2 so that tax bills and receipts are delivered promptly.
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