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TOWN OF SCHROEPPEL 69 County Route 57A Phoenix, NY 13135
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      Proposed Ainslee Sewer District vote passed   

                   33 ayes      15 no                  







  Important Tax Information:


* As of December 22, 2017, the tax bill amounts for the 2018 Town and County Property Taxes have not been released from Oswego County. Once I receive the tax bill amounts, I will upload the information to As the Town and County Tax warrant states, I do not have the legal authority to collect taxes prior to the warrant date of January 2, 2018. If you wish to send in a payment prior to the end of the year so that you can claim your property taxes in 2017 taxes, you must send in a check via first class mail. Once I receive your payment through the mail, I will process it and return you post-marked envelope and tax bill receipt to you. However, I do not have the authority to stamp the receipt prior to the warrant date of January 2, 2018. Your cancelled check and postmarked envelope may be used when claiming your taxes, however that is for your personal tax preparer to determine. I cannot collect any taxes at the tax window or give tax receipts prior to January 2, 2018.*


Please do not contact any other Town of Schroeppel Department with tax related questions. Thank you and have a nice Holiday!


JoAnn M. Nazarian

Receiver of Taxes     



  Tax Hours:


January: Tuesday - Thursday = 8:00AM - 3:00PM


February: Wednesday - Thursday = 8:00AM - 3:00PM


March: Thursdays - 8:00AM - 3:00PM 







* PLEASE NOTE: The Answering Machine in the Dog Kennel is NOT working... So please DO NOT leave a message on the answering machine.. If you need assistance and can not reach Butch Hankey on his cell phone you can call the Town Supervisor at (315) 727-1219 


Access to the Annual Phoenix Quality Water Report is listed under the Water and Sewer Department 





It's official if you are looking for someone to officiate your marriage your Town Supervisor can provide that service for you !  For all details Call  Lynett Greco (315) 727-1219

































































































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